WIAS course: Image and Video Analysis

Course schedule

This course is not scheduled yet.

Course description

Learning goals: After finishing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Have an overview of the available image and video analysis techniques;
  • Make well-informed choices on image and video analysis techniques;
  • Manage the pitfalls originating from the images, annotation process or analysis technique.

The target group / group size: In-depth course intended for post-graduates / 20 to 30 participants.

Prior knowledge required: Some basic experience in python and digital image/video processing is required.  A self-study introduction is available if needed.

Homework: There will be some practical home assignments.

Other course information: The in-person course duration is 5 days and the course is given once per year. There will be maximally 8 hours of self-study involved. Credit points: 1.6 ECTS.

Teacher: trainers from Eindhoven University of Technology and Wageningen University and Research

Course programme



One: 16 October

  • Introduction
  • Overview of image and video analysis
  • Making good images (lab exercise)
  • Noise filtering, image pre-processing
  • Lab exercise: set up programming environment including Anaconda, OpenCV, and Spyder

Two: 17 October


  • Well-established computer vision techniques for feature extraction (e.g. PCA, Gabor filter)
  • Conventional machine learning methods
  • Lab exercise: feature extraction and classification

Three: 18 October


  • 1 hour Q&A about homework
  • Image classification (some theory on neural network types)
  • Image segmentation, conventional
  • Image segmentation, deep learning

Four: 23 October

  • Object Detection (bounding box predictions)
  • Motion detection and analysis
  • Lab exercise: Motion estimation
  • Annotation tool for object detection (CVAT)
  • Lab exercise on CVAT and object detection in videos

Five: 24 October


  • 1-2 hours Q&A about homework and appeared questions
  • Lecture on general image analysis pipeline control, what is not covered by individual topics
  • Invited speakers
  • Networking event, drinks



Reduced fee:

PE&RC / WIMEK / WASS / EPS / VLAG / WIAS PhD candidates with an approved TSP

€ 225

University fee:

Other PhDs and postdocs and staff from WIAS

€ 450
External fee: All other participants € 1200

Cancellation conditions

1. You may cancel free of charge up to 1 month before the start of the course.

2. Cancellation fee of 100% will be applied for persons cancelling less than one month prion to the start of the course or not showing up for the course.

3. The organisers have the right to cancel the course no later than one month before the planned course start date in the case that the number of registrations does not reach the minimum.

More information

Contact: wias@wur.nl or paddy.haripersaud@wur.nl . Please note that all email correspondence will go to the email address you provided in the registration.