Writing CCD project proposals

Course schedule

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Course description

Course description 
During this course you will learn how to write a CCD project proposal for your project license involving animal experiments. You will be informed on the different legislations and guidelines you have to take into account. You get insight information from an Ethics Committee member on how the proposal is reviewed. There is a lecture on public writing included for getting the correct tone setting, by a popular scientific journalist. We will finish with additional advice and pitfalls.
After writing, your project will be peer reviewed and reviewed by a member of the AWB.

Learning goal
During this course you will learn:

  • How to write CCD project proposal with all the needed information and correct tone setting and how to avoid pitfalls
  • At the end of this course your NTS, project and 1 appendix is ready to be submitted to the AWB.

Prior knowledge required

Participants are expected to have completed the Laboratory animal science course (art 9.)

Other course information

The duration of this course is 10 days. There will be lectures, peer discussion, writing your own project proposal, peer reviewing, feedback session.

The first 1-2 days will be lectures plus 2 times feedback session after finishing writing. After the lectures you will go home to write you project proposal (PP), animal experiments (DAP) and non-technical summary (NTS). You will also review the PP-DAP-NTS of 2-3 peers.

The course is given twice per year. You will be required to spend 45-55 hours on this course, mostly writing your proposal. Credit points: 2 ECTS.

Please note: WIAS reserves the right to cancel this course if the minimum number of participants has not been met.


Reduced fee:

  • PhD candidates of Wageningen University with an approved Training and Supervision Plan (TSP)

€ 300

University fee:
• All other PhD candidates & postdocs
• Staff of Wageningen University

 € 595

All other participants

€ 1190

*Fee includes study and training material, coffee/tea and lunch on first day.

Course programme



4 April

  1. Introduction lecture (member AWB) 1,5 uur
  • European directive
  • Dutch law on animal experiments
  • WUR policy
  1. Lecture Animal Ethics Committee (animal ethicist/AEC-member) 1 uur
  • How does the AEC work
  • What does the AEC advise look like
  • How does de AEC make the cost-benefit analysis. 
  • What does the AEC need to get to an advise/judgement.

Peer session

5 April

(these lectures might be moved to day 1, afternoon)

  1. Lecture public writing (journalist) 1,5 uur
  • How to write an NTS
  1. Finishing lecture (member AWB) 1 uur
  • Triggerwords and other pitfalls
  • Guidelines
  • NTS publications
  • Wob proof writing

11, 12 & 14 April

Writing at home on your NTS and project proposal

15 April

Feedback session on NTS

16, 18 & 19 April

Finishing and peer reviewing and adjusting the PP and DAP

20 April

Review DAP

25 April

Feedback session on PP and DAP